Leaving Comfort Zones In 2017

Ah, the comfort zone. You are what a cup of tea is to the soul on a brisk winter’s evening. You’re exactly what you say you are. You’re comfortable. And whilst cosy memories of cusping a hot drink are ever so pleasant, I gotta tell ya Mr. Comfort Zone… you’re a little boring. Now, don’t […]

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Why Do We Self-Sabotage?

self sabotage

I’m beginning to learn that blogging ain’t an easy ride. Being a particularly self-critical person, I seem to end up in a repetitive cycle of either being too busy to write when I have blog post ideas, or finding free time, but not being able to find the words to start writing. I think many […]

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5 Ways To Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination. AKA: the thief of time. I would argue that everyone is prone to some form of procrastination, and sometimes a good slob day is what we need. But knowing how to tackle it at times when you really need to stop procrastinating is a key skill, and is a skill that will always need refining. […]

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